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The Divine Masculine

The Divine Feminine

What is Toxic Masculine?

What is Divine Masculine?

What is Toxic Feminine?

What is Diving Feminine?

Our greatest potential as humans is met in the balance of our internal Divine Masculine and Feminine energies. Equally present to both men and women, our behaviors, thought-patterns and tendencies dictate the balance of these energies.

We each carry a complex psychological and emotional makeup of past experiences, learned behavior and self-discovery contributing to one’s internal wellbeing and external reality. This can cause one or both energies to be out of balance, stagnant, oppressed, confused, or disrespected in some manner. Often times, self-imposed thoughts of inadequacy, self-loathing, or doubt tend to be the greatest perpetrator of imbalance in the masculine and feminine energies.

We seek to shine some light on this delicate dance of how to Up-Level not only ourselves but our interactions with the Universe and Divine Flow.

An integrate role of Transcending 3D to 5D is to move beyond duality and into UNITY.

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Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine

Welcome to The Human Experience

We are Spiritual Beings here having a Human Experience. The Human Experience aims to bring you the Ultimate Experience for your Body, Mind, and Soul.

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Holistic Healing

 Usui Reiki in addition to Crystal Healing, Reflexology, Applied Shamanic Techniques.

 Intuitive based Tarot readings, Energetic Healing, and Coaching services

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Spa Services

Utilizing intuition and education to ensure the best skin care practices for the clients. Enjoy a moments of present moment awareness, decrease the aging process, and increase overall skin health.

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What our Happy Customers Say:

What our Happy Customers Say: