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Areya Aurora

Empowerment Coach

Reiki Master

Intuitive Healer

Psychic Medium


Akaschic Records

Angel Practitioner

Archangel Light Practitioner

Called to the divine purpose of sharing her experience and wisdom of facilitating healing for all.

Areya beat the odds in every way to get to where she is today, and she has discovered her Divine Purpose is to help others heal through her experience. She knows that healing is available for everyone if they choose to seek it and she is here to help facilitate that journey.

She is particularly passionate about guiding and healing women recovering from addiction, mental Illness and trauma, as these are some of the obstacles she faced herself.

Areya found incredible success where others failed in healing her own body, mind and soul from autoimmune conditions, addiction and PTSD. Throughout her healing journey she became a Munay-Ki initiated Shaman, Reiki Master, Archangelic Light Practitioner, Angel Practitioner, Aromatherapist, Crystal Healer and has a background in Akashic Records. She often combines these modalities to offer a truly unique, individualized experience.

Details About Some of Her Services:

Healings - Integrative energy healing, which may include reiki, shamanic techniques, archangelic light, vibrational therapy, chromotherapy, crystal healing, and akashic work. This session starts with an energetic assessment. After the energetic assessment, the client relaxes on the table and I proceed to clear, dissolve cords, remove any implants, devices and attachments as I am able. Then I balance the chakras, activate fifth dimensional chakras and give activations, as per the higher self. The first energetic assessment can take up to an hour, so a minimum of a 90 minute appointment is required for the first time. The follow up assessments are 15 minutes or less.

Crystal Light and Sound Healings - Performed on the Forsyth Crystal Light and Sound Bed which has a portal to a higher realm built into the table! The session includes chromotherapy, crystal therapy, magnetic therapy, and vibrational therapy. An energetic assessment is required for this modality as well (90 minute appointment). Please note that the magnets must be blocked for those who are pregnant, have cancer or metal implants.

Readings and Counsel - Areya is a psychic medium and trance channel with a direct connection to the akashic records. The tools used are contingent on the individual’s intention and inquiries. Some types of readings she offers: Akashic Records/past life, career/life path, self discovery (includes personality, strengths, superpowers, shadows, keys to abundance, star origins and history, soul mission based on blueprint), romance/relationship.

Entity Removal - Areya combines her expertise with those of her life and business partner, Quantum Kelly, to offer this modality. It varies vastly from person to person as the cases can range in severity and every situation is different.

More About Areya

Areya’s desire to serve others and devotion to her self-care and life’s mission is evident in everything she does, from her healing work to working on the land she and her beloved, Kelly, recently purchased. They moved from Southern California to Northwest Arkansas to pursue their dream of transforming this property into a holistic wellness and spiritual development retreat/community. Just goes to show, anything is possible!

“I facilitate healing, but to call me a healer is a misnomer; I heal no one but myself. You are responsible for your own healing. I get you kick started in the healing process and empower you to heal yourself, but it’s up to you to maintain and/or even enhance the frequencies we adjust together. Each of my sessions concludes with techniques to follow up with at home. If I can get aligned on this healing journey, so can anyone else. All it takes is the desire.”

Visit my website for more information:

Areya & Stellar Gateway Holistics

Release, Align and Activate.

Remember who you are.

At Stellar Gateway Holistics, Areya and Kelly have a mission to help people embody their true divine nature- the magic and magnificence they have inside.

We strive to guide people into alignment and wholeness on their healing and ascension journey.

We teach individuals how to balance and amplify their inner light to reach the level of mastery and activation they desire.