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Benja Shurtleff

Shiromani Benja

From the Appalachian Highlands

of Virginia, Yogi Benja is a Self Realized Yogi who has a craft for Self Liberation. Teaching with intentions to bring the students inward and be present with the self, Benja’s practice is one that refines and defines all aspects of the human body so that the soul can shine forth in its Divine splendor.

With the Creator of Sampoorna Yoga:

Photo of Benja and Guru Yogi Hari Ji during Benja's stay at his Ashram. Yogi Hari Ji is the creator of Sampoorna Yoga, the yoga of fullness.

Benja's Daily Practice

At this point in my life meditation helps keep me grounded so I’m not seeking comfort through chaos. I approach everyone with an open, humble heart and a loving nature. I’m always learning.

One on One Classes Available

Integrative Yoga For posture

Core Strengthening

Adaptive Yoga

Sampoorna Hatha Yoga of “Fullness”

Ashtanga Yoga for flexibility

Vinyasa yoga flow




Animal/primal moves


200 hour Sampoorna Yoga Certification

More About Benja

Benja’s practice started as a child and through each chapter of Benja’s journey they’ve had enough freedom to learn from many teachers. Due to this nature Benja has developed a unique skill set to offer creative classes. They lead with a soothing voice, beautiful lighting, good vibrations, relaxation, meditation and all their love.

Their Yoga of Fullness class is a spiritual practice for those who prefer consistency. Its roots are the seeds planted by the Eastern Satguru Sri Swami Sivanada. Benja’s Guru of this technique is the Shri Yogi Hari Ji, Master and creator of Sampoorna Yoga, the yoga of fullness.

“Yoga is a journey of transformation at all dimensions of the human being and I shine light on the map to these dimensions. I stay well tuned in order to practice and teach yoga as a holistic system in which the physical benefits are just one facet of a larger journey of self-discovery.” - Benja Shurtleff