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CaCoCoMELT 2022

Connect. Indulge. Love.

Valentine's Weekend Deluxe Retreat
February 11th-13th 2022

Indulge in your deepest pleasure in…​

A retreat for partners desiring to deepen their spiritual, emotional, and physical connection​

Spend two nights in a 130-year-old [possibly haunted] home with themed rooms inspired by the fears and experiences of the owners, such as: fear of commitment, being alone, or writer’s block. You can even stay in the Wild Wild West or Geisha-themed rooms.

When you come to CaCoCo Melt 2022, you can expect:

Gourmet Meals (View Menu Here)

Cacao Ceremony

Erotic Blueprint™️ Group Session (as seen on “Sex, Love, and Goop” with Gwenyth Paltrow)

Couple’s Tantra Reconnection

Signature Couple’s Massage Workshop

Compassionate Communication Immersion

Somatic Erotic Blueprint Experience

Deep dive into what your Erotic Blueprints have to say about your true intimate desires. The Erotic Blueprints are a framework for learning the language of your body, providing a map to pure ecstasy that extends far beyond the bedroom. Allison will lead you through different types of touch so that you and your partner can better communicate what lights you both on fire.

ConSenSuality Immersion


Communication is an imperative part to relating. As conflict often arises as a result of miscommunication, this workshop will teach you the skills required to get your needs, wants, and desires met. Joy and Blu will model and guide you to the embodiment of compassionate, affirming, and consent-based communication. Your facilitators will bring much joy and laughter to this session because contrary to popular belief, communication doesn’t have to be painful; it actually gets to be fun.

Tantra Workshop

In this workshop, you will sink into deep presence with your partner and share your full erotic self. Leianna will hold a container of safety, love, respect, and genuine connection to enhance the power you already share. Learn to communicate your deepest desires and hold space for one another to be vulnerable as you navigate this new frontier in your relationship.

Cacao Ceremony

This Cacao Ceremony is infused with the intention of deepening your relationship with your partner. Cacao holds properties that enable us to open to greater levels of self-love. It holds us as we become able to see the parts of us that we have shamed or hidden from ourselves and the world and guides us to the place of deep acceptance. When we operate from this place of deep love of self, we are then able to ripple that love out to others. Through this ceremony, you will experience greater connection and joy in openness and vulnerability.

Massage Experience

Cultivate your massage skills so that you and your partner can treat each other to luxurious touch any day (or night) of the week. With the clarity that will have come through for you over the course of the retreat, you’ll be able to tell your partner exactly what you like and how you like it so that you can actually receive it.