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CaCoCoMELT 2023

Connect. Indulge. Love.

Valentine's Weekend Deluxe Retreat
February 10th-13th 2023

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Indulge in your deepest pleasure in…​

A retreat for partners desiring to deepen their sexual, emotional, and intimate connection​

Spend three nights in the Heart of Branson deepening your relationship through Sensuality, Tantra, Cacao Ceremony, and Authentic Communication.

When you come to CaCoCo Melt 2023, you can expect:
Cacao Ceremony Opening and Closing Ceremony

Personalized Gourmet Menu

Couple’s Tantra Re-Connection with Leianna Love

Intimate Touch and Sensuality with Allison Holley

Compassionate Communication Immersion Experiences

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Tantra Workshop

  Learning to connect to your own body and to your partner' through tantric techniques will be the focus of this two part immersion. Without a connection to yourself, you cannot connect to others, and therefore we will guide you here first. Then you will be taught different ways to connect to your partner physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. We will use breath, touch, movement and sound. Tantra incorporates the whole being when connecting to those around us. This can be a powerful and romantic experience for couples looking for a deeper connection. This may be the thing you need to light a spark that was lost, or turn that spark into a bonfire! 

Intimate Touch and Sensuality

Coming Soon

Cacao Ceremony

This Cacao Ceremony is infused with the intention of deepening your relationship with your partner. Cacao holds properties that enable us to open to greater levels of self-love. It holds us as we become able to see the parts of us that we have shamed or hidden from ourselves and the world and guides us to the place of deep acceptance. When we operate from this place of deep love of self, we are then able to ripple that love out to others. Through this ceremony, you will experience greater connection and joy in openness and vulnerability.