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KaShel Rae

Reiki Master

Intuitive Healer

Yoga Instructor


Claircognizant, Clairsentient, Clairaudience

Sovereign Communication Guide

Green Witch

Founder, School of Movement & Magic

Owner, LifeCo Oils & LifeCo Wellness

Reiki and Aromatherapy in Practice

Reiki is always present and flowing through me, no matter what type of treatment I’m providing. Aromatherapy (see LifeCo below) also naturally flows through me and all of my sessions depending on the needs of the client, no matter what modality I am providing.

The Work I Do On Myself Benefits My Clients

I’m constantly looking for ways to expand myself, my knowledge and my healing toolkit. The work I do on myself always

shows up in ways that benefit my clients. We are mirrors for each other!

Right now I’m learning to communicate with and hear my guides more clearly while also opening up to as much psychic knowing as I can in this life.

I do a lot of awareness on boundaries and consent that have me examining agreements, preferences and patterns for upgrading this life over and over. Bringing this awareness to my clients has been so helpful for them.

I also consistently work on generational / ancestral clearing and releasing.

All of these processes have become part of my self-awareness practice: discerning what is true and for my highest good at any given moment, which in turn is also for the higher good of all.

Integrative sessions are my specialty, combining modalities for the client's greatest benefit and healing in that moment.

Caschelle’s Services

Reiki: working in your energy field to bring you to alignment, center, and magic. Your session may include an approximately 15 minute interview to align our intentions prior to the service. Please allow 1.5 hours for this service.

60 min

Aromatherapy Energy Healing: Aromatherapy is a holistic full body treatment aiming to produce a physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental sense of well being. This occurs through use of essential oils by inhalation, meridian channels, and body work. Often includes hot towels for deeper penetration. Essential oils are derived from specific plants chosen for their therapeutic qualities in aiding the relief of various dis-ease dis-comfort.

Meridian Channel Clearing: This an extremely effective practice based on the principle that 'reflex points' on the hands and feet correspond to each organ and structure in the body and are linked to those organs by energy channels, zones or meridians. When illness or imbalance occurs in the body, the corresponding energy channels become blocked and Meridian Energy Clearing is aimed to destroy these blocks, allowing the energy to flow freely again, so restoring the body's natural balance, and hence - good health. Ancient practices regard the feet as a mirror of the body, with the right foot representing the right-hand side of the body and the left foot, the left-hand side. Illnesses, or potential illnesses, are indicated by tender areas on the appropriate reflex points on the feet, reflecting imbalance of the affected organ or organs. By applying technique to these points, the body can be prompted to maximize its own great capacity both to heal itself and to prevent illness.

Integrative Movement: Move energy, emotions, and relieve tight muscles. An Integrative Movement session is great for clients who are feeling stagnant energy, trapped emotions, chronic pain/inflammation, and are looking for a holistic approach to wellness in their bodies. These tools include but are not limited to: yoga, hypnosis, reiki, intuitive trigger clearing, and essential oils.

Private Yoga: Private yoga sessions will include a 20 minute pre- consultation phone call to discuss your goals, allowing time to prepare sequences and movements for your particular body. During your private sessions you will also likely experience the use of aromatherapy and intuitively guided movement for your highest benefit during THAT session, plus breathwork and reiki energy channeling. This is an effective combination of applications to assist in melting resistances of the physical, mental, and emotional planes that can become locked in the body memory.

Chakra Balancing: Bring your body into higher states of homeostasis with Chakra Balancing. We draw from several tools including, but not limited to, reiki, mantras, third eye visioning, breath of presence practices, chakra specific yoga asanas and sounds / vibrations.

More About Caschelle

Retail and Wholesale accounts. Private labels for spas.

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Where It All Started

As a young adult, I began waking up to all the chemicals surrounding us everyday. When my kids came along I knew I could no longer continue those agreements around chemicals and pharmaceuticals I previously allowed.

That was the beginning of my journey with Aromatherapy and the beginning of discovering my inner healer. I studied with one of the most widely known and respected healers/ aromatherapists in my area and quickly found a passion for sharing healing with my community. From there Aromatherapy has evolved into every aspect of my life. So much so that I’ve built a business called  Life Company Oils. I am a Green Witch, using the best of what Mother Earth provides for our highest and best good!

Certifications and Studies

Reiki Master Certification, Bonnie O’Boyle, Reiki Master

Ongoing Reiki Mentorship, Andrea Sumers, Reiki Master

Aromatherapy Apprenticeship, Dianne Watson, Dianne's Botanicals

Certificate of Aromatherapy, School of Natural Health Sciences

Certificate of Reflexology, School of Natural Health Sciences

Certificate of Indian Head Massage, School of Natural Health Sciences

Certificate of Holistic Nutrition, School of Natural Health Sciences

200 Hour Yoga Alliance Power Vinyasa Certification

Currently studying Holistic Pain Management and Hypnosis through Cane Ramsey Program