Coaching With Taylar

Guided Mediation

Guiding the woke to their highest selves 

to create a new, and better, reality 

through connection to the sacral chakra 

and The Divine Feminine.

1 hour


Intuitive Coaching Session

Intuitive Coaching Sessions (ICS) are for men and women wanting to trigger self healing and transition into the high vibe self.

Be reminded how to connect to Mother Earth and The Divine Feminine, open the chakras, remove blocks and limiting beliefs of the ego, and get to true healing of the soul.

Complete with intuitive tarot reading.

$60 per hour

Breaking thru the Bullsh*t and Busting Out Your Business

The only person getting in the way of your business is yourself! Learn how to step aside, 

create your dream, and give birth to your 

newest adventure with the power of visualiz-

ations and energy work. Now is the time to Do The Damn Thing.

Great for direct sales, "work from home", and other entrepreneurs

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Coaching With Bradley

Power Animal Discovery

Unleash the beast inside! Tame your 

inner totem! Learn the miraculous 

healing that can be wrought through 

your Power Animal! Through Shamanic 

Journey we will find your animal helper 

that lies within! Heed the call of the wild!

1 hour


Couple's or Marriage 


As an ordained minister with a degree in worship and minor in counseling 

Bradley can offer counseling service that is accepting and open minded.

1 hour


Inner Guide Connection

Intuition. Synchronicity. 11:11. Learn to connect with your Inner Guides! Through Guided Meditation and Soul Searching we will connect you to your Team on the other side! Open the doorway to inner power and unleash your true potential!

1 hour


Abuse&Trauma Guidance

Bradley has a unique way of providing you a safe space to heal and overcome 

your t​rauma&abuse. As an ordained minister with a degree in worship&minor cou-nseling as well as his additional healing 

modalities and tools he is able to bring 

you a well-rounded, open, and loving 

space to come through for your-self.

1 hour


Guided Meditation

 Guided Meditation and Inner Journey 

Work. Use the power of the mind to ach-

ieve all of your desires in this Human 


1 hour


Shamanic Journey

Journey to your center! Find the answers that await you! Follow the drum to the heart of your problems. Overcome grief. Find inner peace. True love for yourself and others. Win the battle with addiction. Find the courage to overcome any obstacle. Step onto the path that many seekers have walked before you. I will be your guide on this journey of inner discovery. Find your answers, if only you ask. Make your appointment today to awaken to a new way of being. 

3 hours

Starting at

Range from


What our customers are saying

For 6 weeks, Bradley kept telling me something was wrong with my Neural Transmitter, a machine that helps stave off my Parkinson's disease tremors. I called after one of our sessions and met with my neurosurgeon. They found I had 4 different types of bacteria growing in my stem and battery back! One more day and I would've been too far gone! Listen to Bradley! He knows what is happening in your body with pinpoint accuracy without the use of X-rays or scans. He saved my life"

Nan McClain