Coaching With Taylar

Guided Mediation

Guiding the woke to their highest selves 

to create a new, and better, reality 

through connection to the sacral chakra 

and The Divine Feminine.

1 hour


Intuitive Coaching Session

Intuitive Coaching Sessions (ICS) are for men and women wanting to trigger self healing and transition into the high vibe self.

Be reminded how to connect to Mother Earth and The Divine Feminine, open the chakras, remove blocks and limiting beliefs of the ego, and get to true healing of the soul.

Complete with intuitive tarot reading.

$60 per hour

Breaking thru the Bullsh*t and Busting Out Your Business

The only person getting in the way

of your business is yourself! Learn

how to step aside, create your dream, and give birth to your newest

adventure with the power of

visualiz-ations and energy work.

Now is the time to Do The Damn


Great for direct sales, "work from

home", and other entrepreneurs

Email or call for more information

$60 per hour

Soul Empowerment and

Alignment Coaching

I see you.

You are a powerful, wise, divine

being. You are capable, worthy, and

free. ​You are Love and you are

whole. Your life is the very blueprint for your own unique freedom,

healing, and sovereignty. Do you

believe this?

Unsure of the next steps to take on

your path?

These are the sort of things we dive

into with a coaching session.

We will go straight into the Heart of You.

We will dive into both the Light and the Dark, creating a bridge of

neutrality and understanding

between the two.

Transparency with ourselves creates transparency in all aspects of our



What our customers are saying


My session with Aimee was both relaxing and energizing. She began by showing me my custom crystal layout. Before I shared my intention for the session, she had already identified the area where I felt a blockage. I especially enjoyed the sound healing aspects of our session. Aimee also gave me specific recommendations for visualizations to help with my intention, as well as activities to do during my integration time. I left the session feeling refreshed and with a sense of clarity regarding my intention. Aimee does a great job of explaining the process, so if you are unfamiliar with these modalities she will make you feel comfortable and accepted.