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Conscious Connections

If you're a "yes" to an invitation, say "yes". If you're a "no" say "no". If you’re a "maybe", say "NO

Cuddle Tribe

This is a G rated event, where we will create a safe, non-sexual space through setting boundaries and giving verbal consent to get our platonic touch needs met.

The night will begin with welcoming everyone and going over platonic touch rules, then we will go through some consent exercises including how to give and receive a "no".

3rd Monday of Each Month at 6:30PM



Class Pass Accepted


Platonic Cuddling

 Platonic Cuddling is a G rated container, where we will create a safe, non-sexual space through setting boundaries and giving verbal consent to meet your platonic touch needs.

1:1 Sessions : 1 Hour



One on One Professional Cuddling Testamonial

"Josh provides a safe environment in which to meet your platonic touch needs. The rules are very clear and concise, and the setting is without fail one of comfort and consent. Josh understands that needs and desires change frequently, even down to the minute. As a woman, a professional cuddling session can seem like a scam. But after having almost weekly sessions with Josh, I can confidently say that this is totally safe, completely professional, and a perfect container for practicing safe touch. This is also a fantastic setting to practice setting boundaries and expressing your needs. I would recommend a professional cuddling session to anyone who feels the need for human connection. 10/10 will cuddle again" 

Britta Lanae

Cuddle Tribe Testamonial

"Cuddle Tribe is a safe container for anyone who needs platonic touch or to practice setting personal boundaries. The rules are clear and concise and strictly followed while lovingly expressed. My favorite rule is, "if it's a yes, say yes. If it's a no, say no. If it's a maybe, say no." Cuddle Tribe is a fantastic tool for healing trauma surrounding touch or for getting touch needs met. If you need a space to cuddle, it's here. If you need a space to practice saying no, it's here. If you need a space to practice getting consent, it's here. Thank you for taking care of yourself"

Britta Lanae

Clarity Videos

Why am I a Professional Cuddler?

This vid goes through some of my journey to become a Professional Cuddler. Thanks fo watching and for taking care of yourself!

Some health benefits of cuddling:)

• lowers the risk of heart disease.

• reduces cortisol levels(stress).

• eases depression and fatigue.

• boosts your immune system.

• improves sleep😴.