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The Human Experience‚Äč

spa services like you've never experienced before

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February - March, 2023

Lucky March Give-Away!

Everyone wins when you come in for a service!

Draw a prize from our Pot O' Gold every time! Everyone wins something, some will win FREE SERVICES!

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Couple's Private Massage Class


Free Gift with Purchase!

(while supplies last)

Learn easy massage techniques to use on each other whenever you want to caress, heal, bless and send love through the power of touch. This session is fun, educational, relaxing, and most importantly...

something to experience together!

This gift will definitely keep on giving... and receiving... and giving... and receiving... and giving... and receiving ;)

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Be-Loved Facial


Free Gift with Purchase!

(while supplies last)

When was the last time you treated yourself or someone you love to 90 minutes of BLISS?

If it was before today, it was too long ago!

Bliss your Beloved & Bliss your Beloved Self as well!

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Be-Loved Spa Day


Free Gift with Purchase!

(while supplies last)

It's a classic gift for SO MANY reasons. Give this experience to your Love or to Yourself, Love, and soak up the blessings.

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Gift Card Sale!

GIFT it now or later.

USE it now or later.

ENJOY it now or later.

Or maybe now AND later!?!

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