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Monica McGregor

Massage Therapist

Reiki Practitioner


Glamor Witch

Tarot & Oracle Reader

About Monica

I have been working in the spa industry since I was 17. Holistic beauty and wellness became a very important part of my life then and has grown stronger ever since.

I'm drawn to earth friendly and ethically sourced skincare and body products. As a licensed esthetician, licensed cosmetologist, licensed massage therapist and educator, I use only earth friendly and ethically sourced skincare and body products.

Energy work came into my life when I was doing skincare and hair services and it really clicked with me and I feel like my journey now is about integrating energy work and tarot into the physical services that I do.

I want to create an experience! I want to help others get their zest for life back. When we feel inspired and replenished we make the world a better place for everyone.

Monica's Services

Massage therapy: a customized experience for relaxation or pain relief.

Skincare: a customized approach to cleansing, exfoliating and treating.

Tarot reading: I approach tarot questions like a coach that wants to steer you to your life path.

Energy healing: Includes an energetic body scan and then sending life force energy and you'll receive feedback if you want it.

My astrology chart is made up of Capricorn and Gemini placements, therefore I will teach you things whether you asked for it or not!


Esthetic Graduate, Xenon International Academy, 2007

Cosmetology Graduate, Xenon International Academy, 2010

Cosmetology Educator Graduate, Xenon Intl Academy, 2013

Massage Therapy Graduate, Pittsburgh School of Cosmetology, 2019

More About Monica

I love to dance and perform! I started belly dancing at 15 and then brought my skills to the burlesque stage in 2018. From there I've met many burlesque performers and drag performers that helped me hone my glamour magick, while providing massage to traveling performers taught me a lot about modalities and energy work. I learned from other performers how to use energy to enchant audiences and also protect yourself as a vulnerable creator.