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The Human Experience‚Äč

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Phoenix Johnson

Tarot Readings

Reiki Practitioner

About Phoenix

"I've walked a unique path, the path less traveled for sure. I feel like the Human Experience is where all of those paths begin to converge. It's the place I belong.

I love meeting people and seeing how inspired they are to be here, exploring what they find at the Human Experience, tapping into the energy and seeing them really find themselves. It's the most rewarding thing I can imagine, and I'm thankful to be a part of it."

Phoenix's Services

Tarot Readings with Phoenix are a raw, intimate experience in which we go into shadows that are asking to be integrated and messages that are asking to come through. I use it as one of many modalities through which I connect with the Divine and create a sacred moment.

Reiki Session I'm so connected to the one-ness. Where the separation between you and I begins to fall away and it becomes this beautiful, healing experience for everyone.