Experience Reiki and Energy Healing

Crystal Healing

Incorporating the use of crystals into an energy session infuses the qualities of those stones into your energy field, allowing them to facilitate a healing environment in and around you for an extended period of time after the session, from days to weeks or even longer!

1 hour



Reiki and Quantum Healing

This soothing session works with the energy systems to remove blockages, repair kinks, and align the energy

body for optimal well-being,

allowing you to feel refreshed and


1 hour



Angel Blessing

Temporary Tattoo and Guided

Meditation - After applying a

temporary tattoo of the angel

blessing symbol(s) of your choice,

you will be taken on a personalized

guided meditation to incorporate the blessing into your Being.

1 hour



Alchemical Healing

Energy diagnostic+ Transmutation

Prescript explaining how to unblock specific chakra(s) Suggested

meditation practice, suggested

incense use, suggested foods,

suggested color of focus and an


Service Completed in ZOOM Call

1 hour



Color and Sound Therapy

1 hour





Traditional Reiki

Reiki is a Japanese technique 

for stress reduction and

relaxa-tion that also promotes

hea-ling. It is administered by

"lay-ing on hands" and is based on 

the idea that an unseen "life 

force energy" flows through us and is what causes us to be 

alive. If one's "life force

ener-gy" is low, then we are more 

likely to get sick or feel stress, and if

it is high, we are more capable of

being happy and healthy.

1 hour


Wildfire Usui Ryoho Reiki

Traditional Reiki in the lineage of

Mikao Usui. Relax. Unwind. Heal.

Reflect. Become. Unleash the power of Reiki in your life.

1 hour



Lakas Energy in Motion

 In this one-on-one version of the

class, you will he guided through a

customized series of breath work

and gentle movements to clear and

charge your chakras, meridians and

state of being! Wear comfortable

clothes you can move in.

1 hour



Alchemical Energetic Diagnostic

A specific concern that we will dive

deep into the conscious to identify

the root cause of stagnant energy!

Service Completed in ZOOM Call

30 Minutes



Full energy Transmutation +

3 Day Coaching

All inclusive Energy Diagnostic,

Alchemical Healing, Transmutation prescription, +30 day coaching. With full healing transmutation we will

deeply examine misplaced energies pertaining to deeps pains, traumas,

and Karmic pasts. This also includes weekly check ins for 4 weeks,

coaching, supporting, and after hour communication access

Service Completed in ZOOM Call

1.5 hours



What our customers are saying

I recently asked the Universe for support and guidance and I was so blessed to receive guidance from Amber. I went through a rieki session and I am so happy I did. Amber helped me cut cords and connect with my soul, my guardians and I couldn't be more thankful. I have always had a very strong connection to the universe and while i grew up there were traumas I had and still carry that affects me and the connection I have. Amber has been able to help me push through the traumas and grow where I need to. She has helped me more than any counselor I have been to in my 25 years and I would definitely recommend Amber with The Human Experience.

Kindra Veliz on Google