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The Human Experience‚Äč

spa services like you've never experienced before

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Tabi, Tabias, Tabitha

Reiki Master

Exercise Physiologist

Healthy Eating Coach

Intuitive Healer focusing on:

Body Alignment

Movement Education

Meditation Practices and Principles

Treatment Testimonial

"Tabi's has been so helpful in getting me back to myself!  She knew quickly what was going on in my muscles and movement habits causing my pain and we've made huge progress, I'm so glad I found her!" - Verified Client


Helping others find their truest self is in my design, my life is dedicated to helping this world open its eyes to our truths.

In 2009 I realized the need to heal myself. I woke up and started remembering who I am.

I truly believe we have the power to heal ourselves, live painless, and have every desire we wish without sacrifice. We all deserve all our hearts desires.

Tabi's Services

My services provide guidance in taking care of your temple through energy, movement, spirit guidance, and support. I teach what I know and guide in the things that have no words. I practice first and then guide others in their journey. I do not have the answers but you do. I can only ask the questions and help you find the answer that is truly individual to you. I am full of the knowledge and practices that work amazing for me and I can share them and help you with them, but it is you that truly decides what is best for you. I only hope that the path I walk inspires something in you to help you find YOUR TRUTH.

I do ask that all my clients fill out a consent form. This is an agreement between the two of us to show up in truth. It, also, helps me keep you safe and understand some of the underling energies you deal with. Thank you.

Reiki Session: Energy clearing and revitalizing the body.

Reiki Teacher: Learn the Reiki philosophy, techniques, and embodiment of the practice. Along with attunement, progress through:

  • Reiki 1
  • Reiki 2
  • Reiki Master
  • Reiki Teacher

Body Alignment: 90 min. Through muscle activation/release and reeducating the body through movement and stretching I help you realign your body so that you can live a pain free, happy and healthy life.

Movement Education: 60 min. One on one movement education to help relieve pain and engage muscles for core stability and strength.

Healthy Eating Advisor: Individualized education and assistance in behavioral changes to provide you with the tools to make healthy eating habits for the long term. Includes:

  • Consultation
  • In house evaluation
  • Grocery store education
  • 4 eating consultations
  • 1 week meal planning

Cooking Lessons Available Upon Request, please contact Tabi for detail.

Meditation/Intuitive Healing: 60min. Guided Meditative/intuitive sessions help move & raise energy, work through stagnant energies, clear the body, remove the monkey mind, and assist in difficult perspectives during this Human Experience.


American College of Sports Medicine: Exercise Phsyiologist-C

Reiki I, II, III Usui Sensei Lineage under Allison Holley


MSU Denver Graduate of Human Performance and Sport/Nutrition

Trainer for Special Population (Metabolic Disease)

Movement Educator for the Denver Fire Department & Genesis Physical Therapy Wellness Program

Aid to the Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Department at Lutheran Medical

Study of Kundalini/Tantra/Meditation Practices, Taoism, Ayurveda, & Trigger Point Therapy (Practice of Informed Touch).