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Taylar Jackson



Reiki Practitioner

Intuitive Healer

Healy Practitioner

Creation Doula

Journaling Facilitator

About Taylar

Taylar is guided by divine timing! She is right where she needs to be at the right moment! I am a "Skin Witch" and provide a magical facial experiences "Rituals" using Eminence Organics Products - pure plant medicine (facials) and Releasing Rituals with vegan wax!

I enjoy working with those desiring to be more aware of how their physical reality is manifesting. He/She/They are ready to intentionally look themselves in the mirror - physically and metaphysically - and decide to create the change they desire to see.

Taylar's Services

Within any facial experience, I intuitively cleanse/exfoliate/mask/moisturize the skin based on the client's desired intentions - physically or metaphysically; and, we discuss possible underlying emotional/energetical messages the soul is speaking thru the skin.

Within the Brazilian and Underarm waxing experience, I smudge the client and provide a safe space to set intention for patterns/beliefs/trauma/negativity to be released. Together we intentionally remove the hair, feeling the cords and attachments to the patterns/beliefs/trauma/negativity be released. At the end of the appointment, the client is given a journal prompt as integration homework.

More About Taylar

I have stopped following the "rules" and try my best to live in my personal alignment; so, I don't wash my face twice a day or whenever the bottle tells me to- I create my own personal Skin Ritual - when my gut says "uh huh".

I (almost) always have great skin. If not, I know why, honor it, and give it the support it needs to clear up.

I've been using Eminence Organics EXCLUSIVELY for 3 years. I don't touch my face with anything else. The plants speak to me. I even have an herbal healing tarot deck that was an inspired purchase bc of all the products made from plants