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Welcome to

The H​uman Experience​

spa services like you've never experienced before

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Scroll down to see class descriptions.


and open to all. Please register!

What does this mean for you?

Pay what you are available to exchange. The average cost of a typical yoga class is $15-25 per person. We will never turn anyone away.

What if I already have a class pass?

Great! If you have a class pass you can check in like "usual" and simply donate a session from your class pass for your attendance.

What can I donate besides money?

We are available for all kinds of donations. We ALWAYS love receiving: Work/Man Power, toilet paper, hypoallergenic laundry detergent, cleaning services, and trade services to help take care of our staff.

How do I donate money for my class?

You can give with your card/cash, and purchase a class pass. The instructor or receptionist will be available before class start to guide this process

Massage management software


*4:00 PM Rotating Community Group*


6:00 PM tHe YOGA with Jeremy


11:00 AM tHe YOGA with



6:00 PM tHe YOGA with Alissa


11:00 AM tHe YOGA with Alissa


6:00 PM tHe YOGA with KaShell


Mondays 6:00PM with Jeremy

Tuesdays 11:00AM with KaShell

Wednesdays 6:00PM with Alissa

Thursdays 11:00AM with Alissa

Fridays 6:00PM with KaShell

*All classes are donation based.

Each instructor presents in their own style. Try each one, then settle into the classes that work for you.

Women's Circle*

*Sunday Rotation 4:00 – 5:00PM

Monthly on the 1st Sunday

with Amber

Sovereign Parenting*

*Sunday Rotation 4:00 – 5:00PM

Monthly on the 2nd Sunday

with Amber

A community gathering to discuss Parenting in the Template of Sovereignty. We will openly discuss our challenges and our wins in a manner that we can all grow and expand together!

Donations for the Space are welcome. Snacks and Children are Welcome!

Men's Circle*

*Sunday Rotation 4:00 – 5:00PM

Monthly on the 3rd Sunday

with Levi

I am currently re-creating my version of the healthy masculine and invite you to join me. We will focus on dissolving social stigmas around men, emotions & brotherhood. Its okay not to have it all figured out, we can figure it out together.  Read more about my journey here.

Sovereign Relation-ships*

*Sunday Rotation 4:00 – 5:00PM

Monthly on the 4th Sunday

with Taylor and Amber

We will gather to openly and transparently share challenges and triumphs in building Sovereign Relationships. All topics are welcome and safe within this space. We desire to grow, expand, and deepen all of our connections. We aim to embody our Highest versions of our-self and leave behind patterns that are no longer serving us, such as codependency.

Donations to the Space are Welcome. Children are welcome.

Come as you are, where you are. You do not need to be in an active relationship to learn and be in this container.


All classes are now donation based and are open to everyone.

Purchase a class pass to make your donations easy:

**5 Class Pass: $90 ($18 / class)

**10 Class Pass: $144 ($14 / class)

**Class Pass can be shared! Class Pass can be used towards any class defined as 1 hour class at $20 regular price.

Class Pass is NOT limited to yoga.