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Ignite Your Passion:
A Tantra Date Night for Couples

July 7th 6:30-9:00

Join us for a captivating evening of sacred intimacy and transformative exploration led by the radiant Leianna Love. Embark on a journey of connection through practices like eye gazing, Yab Yum, breath awareness, and chakra connection. Deepen your intimacy, enhance communication, and embrace the power of tantric connections. Open to all couples seeking to ignite passion and expand their sensual horizons.

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Awakening to Pleasure: A Journey into Tantra with Leianna Love

July 8th 12:00-3:00

Step into a transformative journey with "Awakening to Pleasure", a unique Individual Tantra Therapy course led by Leianna Love. Drawing on her diverse experiences and professional background in Somatic Psychology, Dance therapy, and Energy Healing, Leianna guides you towards sexual and personal liberation, exploring deep self-understanding, healing past traumas, and embracing your birthright to pleasure. In this respectful and confidential space, you'll navigate various aspects of Tantra Therapy, engage in sacred touch awakening exercises, and celebrate your divine sensual power. This isn't just a course, it's an invitation to live life on your own terms, where authenticity, freedom, and joy illuminate your path. Are you ready to awaken to pleasure?

Deluxe Members Save 10%
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